Video/Audio is not playing.

Please check your Internet connection. If you do not have any Internet connection, you will see a message notifying you that you are not currently connected.

If you have an Internet connection but you still cannot watch the video (you either have a blank screen or a loading indicator), this means that your Internet connection is too slow or poor to watch a video. Please use an Internet connection with at least a 512Mbps speed. For best results, a connection with a minimum speed of 2Mbps should be used.

Video/Audio quality is not the best.

This happens when you have a slow Internet connection of 512Mbps or lower. If you are using a small screen, lower quality video is sometimes tolerable. If you are using a big screen like laptop or Smart TV with a slow Internet connection, video quality may be poor, with lots of pixilation. The higher your Internet connection speed, the better the video quality will be.

Video/Audio quality is not great for the first few seconds of the stream.

We utilise a special streaming technology called Adaptive Bit Rate technology that automatically adapts to your Internet connection speeds and your device. We stream a lower quality stream for the first few seconds to launch the video faster. We then start streaming a higher quality picture which is based on your Internet connection speed.

You may also experience degradation of quality while watching. This is because your Internet speed is changing. While you are watching/listening to a channel we strongly suggest that you do not use the same Internet connection for other purposes simultaneously, such as heavy downloads. Running other large file downloads while you are watching can seriously affect your watching experience. Watching multiple videos at the same time on multiple devices using the same Internet connection can also affect your viewing experience.